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The Tuba Archery Club was founded in the summer of 2005. The club has become very active in seeking to realise the original intention of the founder members, which is essentially to revive a love for archery and specifically the styles and traditions of the East. We help our members progress with their knowledge and skills through regular shoots, events, demonstrations, translating literature and much more.


The club prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming, family-focused club. We are open to all people of all faiths. We meet regularly on Sundays at our training ground in Croydon for shoots and competitions. The club also has an arm based in Somerset where horseback archery is taught.


On top of our regular meets we also put on annual "open days" to let the public have a go at archery.


Come and join us!

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We meet every Sunday 12.30pm to 2.30pm.



Zeki Ismail    Chairman  

Jehad  Shamis  Treasurer  

Jacint  Bagdi       Secretary 

Abdullah Oyede  Coach 

Croydon Sports Arena. Albert Rd, South Norwood, SE25 4QL.
Telephone: 020 8654 3462

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News & Events
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Winter Shoot - December 2014

In December a mixture of NFAS and FITA targets - bare bow and traditional style shooting. End of year assessment for all young Tuba archers.

Tuba  Archery Master Class - December 2014

Part of  the Archery Development Programme for Tuba archers  who will have the opportunity to learn about arrow and bow maintenance.


Next Beinners Course

3rd May 2015 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Beginners Course and Membership
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Our Taster session is an introduction to archery. The session is aimed at people who want to try out archery but don't want to commit to the beginners course. At the end of the session the person will have the option of joining the beginners course. The session cost £10 and lasts roughly two hours. Please contact one of our coaches.


The Tuba Archery Beginners Course consists of three two hour weekly sessions. The sessions are delivered by qualified Archery GB coaches  and the course is designed around the Archery GB Syllabus and will get the
beginner shooting in a safe and proficient manner

Areas Covered by the course include:

  • Health and Safety advice
  • Recurve Barebow style shooting
  • Recurve Freestyle shooting
  • T-draw method
  • Equipment assembly/disassembly
  • Improving technique
  • Etiquette
  • Scoring
  • Demonstration of other bow types and shooting styles.

The course fees are £40 for Adults and Juniors. All shooting and safety equipment is provided and all participants will receive a certificate after successfully completing the course.


Membership -we welcome all who want to take up archery as well as experience archers - Download Membership Form


Senior £60

Junior  £50

Archery Articles and Resources

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Review: A weekend of Horseback Archery


EMEL - The lifestyle magazine's coverage of the archery club


A collection of Sahih Hadith on archery


A colletion of Sahih Hadith on horses




How long was a Gez? - English translation of original by by Z. Metin Ates


Turkish Traditional Archery - By Murat Ozveri


Interesting Pictures:

The Ottoman Coat of Arms

The Ottoman Coat of Arms


Below is a copy of the coat of arms used by the Ottoman Empire. Central to the coat, almost playing a pivotal role in the make-up of the emblem, we see a bow, quivers and arrows.

Ottoman Coat of Arms

Caliph Murat II in Archery Practice

Caliph Murat II in Archery Practice


This artwork depicts Murat II during archery practice. The original piece is from the Topkapi Collection.

Bow Stringing

Bow Stringing


This artwork from Hidayat al-Rami shows the four methods of stringing a bow.


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